Praesto are extremely proud to be awarded the ‘Birst Core Values Partner Of The Year Award’ during the Birst Forward Conference in San Francisco last week.

Founder and Managing Director Jeremy Ranson was in San Francisco to collect the award on behalf of the company.



Our partnership with Birst is strategically very important to Praesto and we are delighted to accept this award from them. We are thrilled that our core values of technical expertise, experience, integrity and determination to succeed are recognised as important to Birst and are crucial to how Praesto delivers successful Birst projects

– Jeremy Ranson, Managing Director

Since its inception, Birst has emphasised four core values in everything that they do.  The award was given to Praesto because during FY15, because the Birst management and alliances team felt that Praesto, out of all of Birst’s global partners, best exemplified these values and therefore most represented the Birst culture to our joint customers.

The four core values encompass:

  • Customer Success – Birst evaluate everything partners do by how it drives success for their customers as Birst’s success follows that of their customers.
  • Teamwork – It is clear that we are all on the same team, as a partner and vendor partnership in the truest of terms – success and failure as one; working together to ensure the success of our customers and of the respective companies.
  • Results Orientation – Birst’s success depends on their ability to deliver results to customers, partners and teammates; as a partnership we begin with the desired result and find the best way to achieve it.
  • Character – Birst value their employees, partners and customers and treat them accordingly; they act with integrity and speak honestly and with respect for others, matching the core values of Praesto

Praesto are delighted to have been presented with this awarded as recognition of our own values, our own customer success and our commitment to Birst over the past year.