Building the perfect systems to help you manage your customers

Praesto Consulting help customers get the most out of their existing CRM systems.
Our team have been there seen it done it in terms of complex CRM, we’ve been in business for 11years our team have been delivering CRM for close to 25 years.

CRM projects are successful when they become an integral part of your business culture and are fully adopted by all users. To get there you need expert advice from the team who have done it before. That’s what we offer.

We can help you from the start of your CRM project with developing your CRM requirements, we can work with all the teams across your business to understand what they need. During this process we can offer you advice on how to select the right CRM system, how it should be configured where it should live (on cloud vs on premise).

Planning for a new CRM system can be a difficult process, we can help you with your strategy, selecting a vendor and thinking about how to drive adoption.

Business concept. Business people discussing the charts and graphs showing the results of their successful teamwork.

Once you’ve selected a vendor we can help you design the business processes with an obvious focus on sales and marketing where appropriate.

Often we’re asked to come in and rescue CRM projects, if that’s what you need then get in touch, it’s one of the key reasons customers come to us when their existing partner cant deliver what they need.

It goes without saying that we cover technical implementation, configuration and ongoing support in a post project delivery world. Training new users and helping you build the materials to drive adoption is something we can help you with.

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