Redefining Data Consulting

Carruthers and Jackson has merged with Praesto Consulting Group .

End-to-end Data Solutions

Data is a strategic priority for every technology-driven organisation, and our combined capabilities can translate your vision into the right strategy, platforms, governance and culture. We bring a deeper understanding of what data means for different aspects of your business and how to generate most value out of it.


Data Maturity Assessment

All of our projects start with maturity assessment where we, we work with technical and business stakeholders to get a deeper understanding of data landscape and whether you are getting the most value out it.


Data Strategy

We use our industry-leading models to help organisations define a powerful data vision, identify risks and outline a detailed roadmap to enable your business objectives and improve governance.



Our data firm, Carruthers and Jackson is home to the largest data community in the UK. Whether you need guidance for your data leaders to expedite data journey or want to set guidelines on how to avoid major pitfallsm we're here to help.

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