It's hard to understand what some consultancies stand for, it's clear what makes us stand out

There are four key reasons why we excel in project delivery:

Multi-disciplined people

100% onshore and side by side

Small sized teams

Mission dedicated

Multi-disciplined people

We believe in multi-disciplined consultants. Many of our team can cover multiple project roles. Being able to write requirements, to hold project meetings, manage plans as well as develop, test, deploy and roll out software is critical to how our people add value to client’s projects.

You might be reading this and thinking ‘so what?’ Well, having team members who are as happy designing architecture as they are building dashboards or delivering user training means our projects have a significantly higher success rate than other consultancies. We don’t split project deliverables by role, we don’t hand-off parts of the project to different teams or members, we expect our team to deliver the project from start to finish. The fact that our people can do this as well as project manage means that our teams are not bloated with unnecessary people who inflate your costs.


100% Onshore and Side by Side

The value of having consultancy partners on site, using your hardware, sat in your offices with your teams is considerable. While we all adjust to the new normal our approach to working onsite has only changed slightly. Even when remote, our team are still dedicated to you, they’ll only work on your project.

Our clients invite us back time and time again because they view our people as an extension of their team, how many of the other consultancies can say that? Unlike the rest of industry its really rare for us to move our people once your project has started. 18 month project, no problem our team will be there for the entirety.

You’ll meet the people you’re working with. You’ll see them everyday. They wont change regularly

Small sized teams

There is a huge amount of value in only working with true experts. Helpful amateurs or those who haven’t been there and done it add little value. Sometimes our industry is blinded to cost per person and the thought can cross your mind that a larger team with lower CPP will deliver faster and better. KLAXON. Really? So how may times has that worked for you?

We won’t bloat our teams. We believe small teams of experts achieve more than larger ones. Novel idea huh? A consultancy business who wants to only charge you for what is needed / essential. Try us.


Mission dedicated

Your success is our success. We’ve grown our business organically over a number of years based on our reputation. We have a great reputation because we focus on delivering your mission critical projects we’re as dedicated to it as you are. You see we don’t have a brand to fall back on like some larger organisations, nor do we have the marketing budgets or flashy sales people. We know that the only way we can grow our business is by having the same dedication you have to your projects, that’s we we work so hard to apply our experience and expertise to deliver the value you expect.