Working across a broad range of industries we've gained a lot of experience, here are some examples of where we've worked in the last 11 years:

Financial services

We’ve worked with banks, insurance companies and regulators. Our understanding of how regulated companies work, how important security is to them, the importance of data quality in this sector is comprehensive.


From aerospace to automobiles, food processing and electronic goods we’ve worked with a huge range of companies in this industry. We understand the products and systems used to power companies in this space.


Customer relationship management and business intelligence are well adopted disciplines in this space but we’ve also helped to deliver finance system consulting to telecommunication customers.

Charities & NFP

Helping our clients understand their customers is critical in all industries but in charities and not-for-profit it seems to take on extra significance and as such we’ve become experts at it.


Running successful clinical trials has taken on even greater importance in 2020, we’ve been helping the largest companies in this sector do this for years, enabling them to accurately track trialist data whilst ensuring confidentiality,


Automated customer interactions is something we’ve helped a number of organisations in this sector establish as well as the analytical systems required to monitor and learn from them.


Our work helping a media organisation understand the connections between their advertising sale data and their finance systems powers one of the world’s largest in this sector.

Consumer goods

From managing complex trade promotion programs to analysing distribution during a global pandemic, we’ve been working in this industry for over 11 years. Our first ever customers in this space still work with us today.