Oracle has a roadmap for Siebel well into 2022 which is great news for those organisations who have invested in one of the best CRM solutions in the world. During a recent update of the Siebel roadmap Oracle product management has moved to continuous updates from April 2018. Customers who are on Siebel 17.x and above can benefit from a simplified application update process reducing maintenance costs.

It is therefore a great time to review your Siebel application.


Move to the latest Siebel OpenUI and IP2017 release


Take advantage of OpenUI and the new features in Siebel 2018


Move your Siebel application to the cloud

Praesto’s Pathfinder programme offers you a review to discuss your individual situation and highlight your options.

Whether you want to move to the cloud, stay with an on-premises deployment and modernise the user experience, or something in between, we shall happily share our knowledge and experience from upgrading organisations to the latest release of Siebel.

We tailor our review to match your business needs buttopics that we’d typically cover are:

• Meeting to understand your current situation discuss high level CRM goals,
medium term needs
• Technical review of your implementation (hardware, platform, application)
• Assessment of your cloud readiness for part of the solution e.g. Development
• Workshop describing the current situation, options to meet your goals
delivering a recommended roadmap (e.g. do nothing, upgrade O/S, upgrade
Siebel to maintain supportability with Oracle, consider other options …)

Interested in learning more about Pathfinder?