Is reconciling your intercompany transactions taking too long?

As a finance professional you will realise that Transfer Pricing is becoming an important area of focus and attention and everyone is becoming aware of the global focus that tax authorities have on the affairs of multinational enterprises.

At Praesto Consulting we recognise this challenge and have created a paper to help Transfer Pricing professionals to take the first step towards automating their operational processes.

We have used our extensive experience in delivering operational Transfer Pricing and Tax Reporting processes to compile a paper that takes you from the creating a vision for your process through evaluation right to implementing and reviewing it.

Download our paper if you:

  • Think your organisation would benefit from a seeamless end-to-end automated process
  • Currently rely on many year old excel worksheets to manage your Transfer Pricing
  • Want to understand the benefits of full auditability
  • Need help writing the business case for Transfer Pricing automation
  • Or if you just want to know what the experts who deliver Transfer Pricing automation in large multinationals think