We help you to intelligently optimize how work gets done by humans working with robots

We help organisations achieve the benefits of robotic process automation. We do this by working with IT and business teams to understand the detail behind processes that can be delivered by automation.

A robot can do 7 main types of tasks, mainly by mimicking the work of an employee:

  1. Collect, control and validate data (e.g. : control the consistency of a dataset)
  2. Log, convert and copy data between different programs and interfaces
  3. Compute a value and/or decide what to do
  4. Communicate (email, notifications) assist employees and/or clients
  5. Orchestrate, allocate & handle the activities of different robots and employees
  6. Monitor and pilot events and the performance of operations (ex : compile data from different sources into a PowerPoint reporting)
  7. Learn, anticipate and plan behaviours and results

What are the expected benefits?

Improve quality by removing human error, 100% accuracy. Improve standardisation

Rapid implementation of checkpoints to verify outputs

Available 24/7
Constant performance, no waiting times even during production peaks

Return on investment
80% of ROI reached within 6 months because of its low impact on underlying IT and low cost

Improve human potential
Employees are freed from repetitive tasks and can focus on creating value for the client.
Allows for improving skills by increasing training