Adding data science and technology smarts to marketing and product teams

Key to our proposition is using data to design experiments. We’re not a design or a marketing agency.
Our key competency is data.
Managing it. Storing it. Analysing it and visualising it. Because of this skill set we don’t set out to test button colours, or microcontent.

We help brands analyse their customer and ecommerce data to understand where they should be braver:

  • Which products should they discount or bundle?
  • Which experience to offer visitors from expensive ad channels?
  • What products to recommend to existing customers?

All of this helps our clients achieve better conversion rates than their competition.

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Our goal is to help brands embrace both experimentation and personalisation across their digital estate using all of the data available within their marketing technology stack.

Some of our example projects


Price testing is one of the nirvana goals of experimentation. For a lot of organisations it presents an opportunity to significantly drive incremental revenue and improve experimentations key metrics; conversion rate and revenue.

Our experiment was successful and delivered huge strategic insight to the brand. They are now working with Praesto to understand how to test personalised prices where a visitor’s behaviour is understood before a specific price is offered, a control test is offered to visitors of the same profile to allow for real scientific analysis.

Praesto Consulting supported the client with analysis of the test to ensure that the right experience was offered to the right visitor. The price change presented strategically important information and data to the brand.


Our customer held a significant volume of data about their customers in an external system. They wanted to use this data via Optimizely to offer personalized content to improve conversion rates.

The client engaged Praesto to build the integrations between its data source and Optimizely. Once built and tested robustly the next stage was to map what data should be linked to which content, products, offers, messages etc.

Understanding which products were underperforming, which type of visitors were always going to convert and applying that insight to their experience drove a higher conversion rate and incremental revenue for our client. We continue to innovate and improve this process and our client reaps the rewards.



Praesto Consulting worked with the client to match an experimentation program to the roll out of a new website ensuring that the right profile of visitor was direct to variations of the new site designs in key pages that did not negatively impact the conversion rate.

Key to the success of the project was the ability to prioritise which were the key pages to be tested, which areas of usability and content needed testing via variations and how to allocate the right traffic without impacting conversion rate on the existing site.


Praesto worked with the client to utilize Optimizely to ensure that technical changes to the site were implemented in a way that allowed for the changes to be delivered to a small percentage of visitors but importantly that the metrics used by Google to determine page and site performance were sent in real-time as events to the organisations monitoring platforms. The sending of the events for analysis allowed the brand to determine if the technical change would 100% improve search engine performance thus removing the guesswork.

The brand was able to test its SEO technical roll outs in a more strategic and less ‘cross fingers and pray’ manner. The events Google tracks were sent successfully to the monitoring platform and the insight gained from each test was fed back into the testing program.

Where can Praesto support your experimentation process?

Audience building

Your visitors are not all the same, they don’t come from the same channel or the same campaign. Building tests to match specific audiences allows you to incorporate different content and journeys. Targeted journeys deliver uplifts in revenue and website metrics.
We help you build out both the audiences and the journeys, we do this by working with you to analyse the data and then use Optimizely to design the experience.

Data warehousing

The Optimizely platform keeps your results data for 30 days after the end of the experiment.
To really understand the results you need to export the data and store it for future analysis. Future analysis helps build more experiments that deliver an increase in revenue.
We help by building a data warehouse that allows you to store this data and combine it with other data such as programmatic advertising analytics or offline data, allowing you to truly understand the impact of your experiments.

Integrations and APIs

To maximise the Optimizely investment it is highly recommended that customers integrate the platform with other parts of their marketing technology stack such as DMP, CRM and BI systems.
Integrations such as these bring significant improvements in personalisation and analysis as well as increasing the return on investment.
We specialise in building these integrations and managing the APIs between these systems.

Strategic services

Successful experimentation programs are more than just technical services. We recognise this and offer a number of enablement, implementation and training programs.
Planning and management of campaigns and tests as well as strategic services including workshops are available to help brands get the most out of Optimizely.

Looking for help with your optimisation journey?